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your wellness journey

Lilly Be products keep you aligned with your wellness journey.

You focus on the right food, exercise, and mindful practices. We focus on what you put on your skin. 

When choosing Lilly Be, you can rest assured that you are doing something healthy for your mind and body everyday. 

All organic, only nature based ingredients – Never any synthetics or fragrance. Everything you feel and smell is the directly from nature. 

Let us elevate your daily product choices from facial care to body care, oil perfumes, home and wellness


Our Purpose

Lilly Be is grounded in gratitude. We value the most precious parts of life: family, love, friendship, being present in each moment, pushing fear aside and pursuing dreams. We look to nature as our original medicine and as a true example of what it means to simply BE.


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Be at one with Nature. This was the original philosophy in naming Lilly Be (even before I knew it would become a business).
I love Nature. It is our original medicine.

Lissette B. Monzon

Founder Lissette Monzon headshot in natural organic setting

About Lilly Be

Everything you see, feel, and smell is derived from the cleanest version of nature. I work closely with my suppliers to ensure quality care of all of my ingredients. I bring to you only what I bring to my family and loved ones. I formulate with only organic ingredients, non-gmo varieties, and sundried not chemically altered salts and clays, never any chemicals, synthetics, parabens, or fragrances.