Be Refreshed Summer Essence

Be Refreshed – Summer Essence

Get ready for summer!

Inspired by our beautiful Miami Beaches, Be Refreshed Summer Essence, is an ultra-quenching mist rich with nourishing botanicals.

Be Refreshed Summer Essence is quickly making after sun care your new favorite skincare

Be Refreshed Summer Essence
Be Refreshed Summer Essence

Customers love Be Youthful

Be Youthful brings incredible moisturization to dry, flaky, irritated skin. Nourishing oils of pomegranate, rosehip seed, and jojoba fight free radicals, signs of aging, combat scarring and wrinkles . 

Our best selling facial cream for a good reason!

Be Refreshed Summer Essence

What customers say

“Gifting Lilly Be is a whole experience.” – Jenna

“Facial care gets rid of dullness and brings life to my skin” – Sarah

“I cannot get over the smell of these…not only are the ingredients incredible, the smells are outstanding!” -Gloria

“Makes me feel fresh & clean and like I’m bringing the outside nature inside.” – CStaples

“Scents are relaxing and calming.” – Rachel

“Helps me sleep and be well rested so can face a new day.” – Marta

Our Purpose

Lilly Be is grounded in gratitude. We value the most precious parts of life: family, love, friendship, being present in each moment, pushing fear aside and pursuing dreams. We look to nature as our original medicine and as a true example of what it means to simply BE.


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Be at one with Nature. This was the original philosophy in naming Lilly Be (even before I knew it would become a business).
I love Nature. It is our original medicine.

Lissette B. Monzon

Founder Lissette Monzon headshot in natural organic setting