September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

When Marta Blanco, founder of Sofia’s Hope asked me to create a custom blend to help raise funds for Childhood Cancer Awareness, my answer was an immediate YES!

But I knew I had to find the right oils to ignite the COURAGE, PEACE, OPTIMISM, & REJUVENATION needed to support the mind and emotion during these challenging times. 

BE HOPE oil perfume is designed to be your wellness ally with an infusion of ginger, jasmine, mandarin, and lavender.

For every purchase of this custom, limited oil perfume, 50% of the proceeds will benefit Sofia’s Hope this September

Fighting Childhood Cancer with Hope

Be Refreshed Summer Essence

Be Refreshed – Summer Essence

Inspired by our beautiful Miami Beaches, Be Refreshed Summer Essence, is an ultra-quenching mist rich with nourishing botanicals.

Be Refreshed Summer Essence is quickly making after sun care your new favorite skincare

Be Refreshed Summer Essence

Formulated with mind * Body Synergy

My training in aromatherapy focused on creating perfect blends that targeted individuals in a holistic manner.

Each product works in harmony with emotional, mental, and physical health; one is never in isolation of the other. 

Be Refreshed Summer Essence

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Be Refreshed Summer Essence

Our Purpose

Lilly Be is grounded in gratitude. We value the most precious parts of life: family, love, friendship, being present in each moment, pushing fear aside and pursuing dreams. We look to nature as our original medicine and as a true example of what it means to simply BE.


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Be at one with Nature. This was the original philosophy in naming Lilly Be (even before I knew it would become a business).
I love Nature. It is our original medicine.

Lissette B. Monzon

Founder Lissette Monzon headshot in natural organic setting

About Lilly Be

Everything you see, feel, and smell is derived from the cleanest version of nature. I work closely with my suppliers to ensure quality care of all of my ingredients. I bring to you only what I bring to my family and loved ones. I formulate with only organic ingredients, non-gmo varieties, and sundried not chemically altered salts and clays, never any synthetics, parabens, dyes or fragrances.