Simply Be Collection


Gift more than clean beauty this year! Gift Holistic Care!

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Thoughtfully curated from experiences in our wellness journey community, enjoy the new Simply Be Collection

5 Wellness Ally Practices to help break through the modern noise and return to our purpose to: Simply Be.

Wellness allies that help our community such as practicing sunlight before screentime, grounding our feet into the earth for energy, practicing non-judgement, and more, each align with a holistically crafted Lilly Be product to bring the physical, mental, and emotional care all together this season.

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Complimentary Simply Be Pouch and card insert ($20 value)

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The Simply Be Collection has been designed with your holistic care in mind. Packaged with a card detailing 5 Wellness Ally Practices to help us break through modern day stressors and keep us aligned with our purpose: to Simply Be. Included are 4 Lilly Be products that were purposely selected to align with each practice and serve as gentle wellness allies and reminders to keep you on track throughout the day.

See the card insert in images for the 5 Wellness Ally Practices that align with each product

Products included in the Simply Be Collection:

Be Sunny Body Balm: Physically provides intense moisturization for hands, feet and body with shea butter, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil. Mentally, calms the mind.  Emotionally promotes grounding, confidence, and brightens mood with cedarwood and a dash of sweet orange.

Be Everlasting Facial Essence: Physically, aloe and rose hydrate and soothe facial skin, while petitgrain tones pores. Mentally, the aroma of rose water eases tension. Emotionally, helichrysum helps heals emotional trauma.

Be Dreamy: Physically assists in promoting sleep and positive dreaming with clary sage and lavender. Mentally, calms stress and anxiety. Emotionally, lavender tones the nervous system.

Be Love Oil Perfume: Physically, ylang ylang flower oil lowers blood pressure. Mentally, amber resin grounds thoughts. Emotionally, ylang ylang works with the heart center to send and receive love.



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