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Be You Personalized Blends is a service I have opened to bring you holistic, personalized care.  There are limited spots available each month to ensure focus and attention is given to each synergistic blend.

The purchase of this service will give you access to the scheduling page for our 1 hour consultation. You will receive an email asking you to schedule the consultation.

The Be You package includes a 1-hour consultation and 3 personalized blends I will develop based on your unique needs.

  • .5 oz. Concentrated Personalized Oil Perfume
  • 1 oz. Personalized Holistic Body Oil
  • 2 oz. Personalized Mist

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Here’s how it will work

1. Purchase the consultation and products including:

  • .5 oz. Concentrated Personalized Oil Perfume
  • 1 oz. Personalized Holistic Body Oil
  • 2 oz. Personalized Mist

2. Look out for an email directing you to the reservation page where you will select the best time for us to meet. Choose via Zoom or Phone Call, whichever you are most comfortable with.

3. We will meet and discuss your mental, physical, and emotional needs.

4. I will take time with my notes, focus on your needs, and develop a synergistic blend to target your personal holistic needs.

In 2 – 4 weeks I will have your personalized products ready to ship to you with a custom card detailing your areas of need, chosen oils, and your very own Suggested Mantra to keep you focused on your mental, emotional, and physical health

Your oils are kept on file and can be reordered anytime!


How emotional health plays a role in holistic care

Stress shows up in so many different ways. For some of us it looks like anxiety, fear, anger, restlessness…the list really goes on and on. When I create your blend, I take into consideration your emotional needs so I can weave the proper oil into the formula that will help promote a positive emotion and calm those that cause stress.

How our physical self is affected by our thoughts and emotion

Physical pain, disease, topical or internal, certainly stem from natural hereditary issues, the food and product we consume, or simply a natural cold or virus; however, our physical self is also influenced greatly by our mental and emotional health. There are acute (superficial, not long lasting) and chronic (many years, deeply rooted) concerns. An acute example of our physical being influenced by our thoughts and emotions would be a back pain after leaving a stressful situation.

Each of us manifests our stress differently and sometimes that stress gets lodged into our physical self.

How our thoughts and mental state help or hinder us

“So, the brain is a yes man?” This is my 8-year-old daughter’s response as I explained the power of our thoughts to her. Our mental self-talk is probably the most important in the trilogy of holistic health. The words we speak not only to others, but those that we speak to ourselves carry so much power. This is why I include a suggested mantra with your personalized blend. Choosing positive words that focus on what we want to see versus what we want to remove or change help propel holistic health.


Aromatherapy is considered an alternative therapy. Please note:

  • Aromatherapy session given is for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation. I understand very clearly that an Aromatherapy session is not a substitute for medical, or psychological diagnosis, and treatment. Aromatherapy practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they prescribe, perform medical treatment, nor prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.  It is recommended that I see a licensed physician, or licensed health care professional for any physical, or psychological ailment I have and use the aromatherapy as alternative treatment.



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