Be Radiant


Exfoliating Cleanser

Exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize and GLOW. Gently remove dead skin cells and reveal a radiant, glowing complexion.

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All Organic Ingredients:

Sweet Orange Powder – A gentle exfoliant that brightens and evens tone.

Cocoa Butter – Provides a radiant glow with a chocolate undertone.

Jojoba Oil – Rich in tocopherols and fatty acids, jojoba mimics our skin’s natural sebum, sending signals to our cells to regulate over or under production of oil.
Castille Soap – Extra mild and gentle liquid soap.
Geranium- Its strength lies in the ability to regenerate tissue and balance the production sebum. Induces a positive state of mind and releases negative memories.
Lavender – Excellent for moisturizing and balancing skin. Relaxing and uplifting, leaves a beautiful aroma. Relieves stress, anxiety and headache.

Use and inspiration:

Scoop a thumbnail size to the palm of your hand. Activate with water to create a cream like consistency. Apply to face in circular motions. Use once to twice a week. Keep water free from inside the jar.
For best results use once a week and combine with Be Clear Daily Wash, Be Enlightened Facial Clay, Be Everlasting Facial Mist, and choice of Lilly Be moisturizers Be Youthful or Be Balanced for a complete home facial.

Suited for all skin types

Beauty. as it should be
Be Radiant with Organic Goodness & Aromatherapy Joy

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2 oz.

All Organic Ingredients

Apricot Kernel Meal**, Jojoba oil*, Castille Soap*, Essential Oils of Geranium* and Lavender* Cocoa Butter*
( *=organic, **=non-gmo)


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