Be Balanced


Balancing Facial Oil

Be Balanced serum utilizes the power of jojoba oil and skin soothing essential oils to balance complexion, prevent or control blemishes, and calm inflamed skin.



All Organic Ingredients:

Jojoba Oil – Rich in tocopherols and fatty acids, jojoba mimics our skin’s natural sebum, sending signals to our cells to regulate over or under production of oil.
Cedarwood –. Great for oily and acne prone skin as it acts as an astringent and anti-septic. Its purifying properties gently calm and soothe troubled skin while promoting confidence and calmness.
Sandalwood – Anti-inflammatory, promotes skin cell regeneration. Treats acne, dry skin, chapped skin, eczema. Promotes a peaceful state of mind.
Geranium- Its strength lies in the ability to regenerate tissue and balance the production sebum. Induces a positive state of mind and releases negative memories.
Lavender – Soothing for all skin types. Induces a positive state of mind.

Use and inspiration:

Add 2 drops to fingertips then apply under eyes, forehead, face, and neck morning and night.

For best results use daily and combine with Be Clear Daily Wash, Be Radiant Exfoliating Cleanser, Be En-Lightening Facial Clay and Be Everlasting Facial Mist for a complete home facial.

Suited for oily or acne-prone skin including teenagers seeking clean skincare and adults combating breakouts or combination zones.

Be Balanced with organic goodness & aromatherapy joy
BEauty. as it should be.
Store at room temperature. Do not leave in direct heat.

Additional information

All Organic Ingredients

Jojoba oil, Essential Oils of Lavender, Geranium, Cedarwood, and Sandalwood


1 oz./ 30 ml.


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