November Wellness Journey: Manifesting + Abundance

Manifesting starts with setting intentions. Here are some tips I do everyday.




Welcome November!

Wow, time flies when you are having fun. November is exciting. It is nearly the end of another year, in which we all say, how did this year go by so fast?

This month’s wellness journey focus is on manifesting + abundance. Here is why: 

November reminds me of abundance, prosperity, and copious amounts of goodness (this is probably because of the cornucopia image related to Thanksgiving). Either way, I feel filled. I am reminded that abundance is not just the dollar amount in my bank account, but the family, friends, love, health, and joy in life.  

November is also a chance to reflect on my progress in the past year. I look upon my goals and celebrate my achievements or make adjustments to better reach my desires. This is all about manifestation. I want to share a few simple tips on manifesting that have been a part of me for over 20 years. These practices has kept me centered through the years, throughout the ups and downs. My attitude is that “I get to do this” I get to grow, evolve and build.

The following are some of the things I do to manifest what I want in my life:


  • I create vision boards. I learned this trick in my high school psychology class. We created our first vision board (I still have it). It is so empowering to find images and quotes that inspire me and reflect what I want in my life and how I want it to look. It helps me visualize and see the possibilities. I have only done these a handful of times because they are usually long term goals. I’m talking one every 5 to 10 years honestly. But I keep them in a place where I can see the images every day. As I look back I can see how I have manifested parts of each board into reality throughout my teens to 20’s-30’s and now entering 40’s. 
  • I journal. Well it used to be called a journal with paper and pen. Today it is more like put notes in the app on my phone. However it may be this is also a super powerful tool of mine. I write down my goals at the beginning of the year. I add to them and adjust them accordingly. Most importantly, I read them every morning. It might be a quick read or a more concentrated read to help me really focus on my goals. Nevertheless, they are read every day. It helps me break things into bite sized chunks.
  • Another thing I do is voice what I want to happen verses what I don’t want to happen. It actually works! I focus on making a statement about what I would like to see instead of what I hope doesn’t occur. For instance, let’s take a fun football game in which my husband is most likely playing fantasy football. I’ve taught him to focus on who he wants the ball thrown to verses who he hopes it is not thrown to. I learned this trick from that book/movie that came out early 2000’s “The Secret.” I love that book. It tells us to visualize on what we want instead of the things that could go wrong.
  • Most importantly, I remember that if what I want does not come to fruition it simply means that it was not my path to cross at this time. It doesn’t mean that my end goal must drastically change. It simply means that my route in getting there has. As always, I do my very best to live in gratitude for the abundance of joy and love that surrounds us everyday. 


If the spirit moves you, I would love to hear what you are manifesting in the coming days, months and years.

Thank-you beautiful Lilly Be Fam. I wish you abundance and a clear path to your goals.


Much Love,

Hello November

Sliding into November we feel the excitement of Miami coming alive with fairs, festivals and events.