DIY Sugar & Spice Body Scrub

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Body Scrub

My Gift to You

For you DIYers out there I have a delicious body scrub recipe for you. While it looks edible I don’t recommend it…it’s rich, nourishing, and energizing for your dry and dull skin. 

DIY Sugar & Spice Body Scrub

Use all organic ingredients. Measurements are by weight so a scale will come in handy 😉

Sugar – 230 grams
Cinnamon – 10 grams
Grapeseed Oil or Coconut Oil – 20 grams
Castile Soap – 10 grams
Fresh Ginger Essential Oil – 16 drops
Clove Essential Oil – 8 drops

Apply to dry skin and gently rub, then hop in the shower and rinse off. No need to soap-up after, this cleanses and leaves your body velvety smooth