Roots of Lilly Be

Beauty as it should be

Lilly Be has a long history that until recently has grown into fruition. As a teenager, my mother introduced me to my first aromatherapy kit. I quickly studied the text and began mixing concoctions and formulas for health and beauty. Upon entering University I inquired to be an Aromatherapy major. Back in the 90’s before it was a popular topic, the school told me this did not exist and redirected to a more stable career. So, I earned two Master Degrees in the field of Education and worked eleven years as an Educator and Curriculum Specialist for the Miami Dade District’s 25% lowest performing schools.

Throughout those years, I enjoyed my work, but I couldn’t shake the urge to know more about plants and oils. I took it upon myself to become a Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist because I just loved the idea and I wanted to create beauty and health products, even if it was only for family, friends, and myself. I actually secured my company Lilly Be and website, although I didn’t do anything with them for over 10 years. Lilly Be was just a dream.

It wasn’t until having my children and experiencing the miracle of birth, while simultaneously witnessing my father battle cancer living in a hospital for 3 months, that I understood how precious life is and that I should live fully in every moment. Going back to a 9-5 meant working only to pay for daycare. My husband and I made a decision and it was one of the best decisions we have made. I joyously became a stay at home mom. I have been raising my children for the past 3 years and loving every moment of their first years of life. I stayed home with them during the week and, in need of supplemental income, I attended farmer’s markets on the weekends. I sold my products that I had been creating for years as my hobby. You see, I didn’t know I was starting a business. To me I was simply making ends meet. But, my beautiful customers and a series of serendipitous events revealed otherwise. It was here, that Lilly Be was truly born.

After a few short months, I realized that people are in search of quality, organic beauty products and I actually know how, and have known how for years, to produce them. Every day I followed my intuition and pushed fear aside. I listened to my customers, independently studied and learned about entrepreneurship, and built my brand. Today, we have completed a total brand refresh to truly reflect what our products do for your mind and body. Lilly Be products are not just about skincare, they inspire state of being. You will notice each product name begins with “BE” as in “to be”, “becoming” and “being” who we really are. This is what connecting with nature is to me. A synergy between mind and body.

I am grateful every day to do what I love – work with organic elements from nature and bring people happiness and health all in one!

Thank you to my amazing customers, family, and friends who are part of the Lilly Be Fam!

Enjoy organic goodness & aromatherapy joy!